Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to deliver the active management that will be required for the grid of the future. Powerful intelligence will be able to balance grids, manage demand, negotiate actions, enable self-healing and facilitate a host of new products and services.

VTEC (VTara Tech Center) is researching to ensure that AI will not just lend itself to the energy transition, but will also enable more efficient and effective utility operations by helping to analyze unstructured data which typically makes up to 80 percent of data in an organization.

AI Applications in Energy Industry

Renewables Management

Focus is on:

  1. Enhancing short-term renewable forecasting
  2. Improving Equipment maintenance
  3. Analyzing energy storage systems to estimate useful lifetime of a battery unit by use of prognostic algorithms.

Demand Management

Work is on:

  1. Solutions that manage demand response of devices that run in parallel
  2. Increasing energy efficiency by using enhanced feedback mechanisms
  3. Game theory to reward/penalize customers

Infrastructure Management

AI and digital asset management will use machine learning to collate, compare, analyze, and highlight risks and opportunities across utilities infrastructure.

We are also working on AI to be used in Operations and Maintenance of power generation units.