Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a cloud service that provides a platform to support application, data and process integration projects, usually involving a combination of cloud-based applications and data sources, APIs and on-premises systems.

With a growing number of cloud based applications and services, many organizations have shifted from buying applications from a single vendor, and instead have employed a best of “breed approach”, mixing and matching vendors in order to obtain the best products for specific areas of business. This leads to a “spaghetti architecture” as these multiple applications need to talk to each other seamlessly thus increasing the complexity of implementing this custom integration.

Businesses need a cloud application integration solution which addresses their current business challenges while future proofing them for whatever challenges that may come their way. VTara’s iPaaS solution tries to fill the above gap by providing a pre-packaged cloud integrated solution to SME’s to handle the entire eco-system of client’s applications.


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