3D Modelling

VTara Tech is always at the forefront of innovation and one such future technology that we are investing time & energy is 3D Modelling/Mapping. VTara Tech wants to redefine the way the user interacts with a product by eliminating geographical limitations and 3D Modeling fits perfectly in this scenario.

With increasing demand for innovative new digital technologies in the energy sector, VTara Tech uses 3D models to map data across three dimensions for the first time – enabling unprecedented levels of control, accuracy and insight. Visualising thousands of structural components simultaneously across energy engineering projects ranging from biomass reactors to storage systems offers unique insights, data and solutions-led capabilities.

Some of the useful insights that we can achieve with this 3D Mapping technology is given below:

  1. Mapping the multiple parts & components of an Energy Plant
  2. Mapping potentially hazardous substances & emission on gases
  3. Mapping temperature & pressure in facilities
  4. Faster diagnosis & repairs
  5. Performing Data Analytics for Business Intelligence solutions