VTara Tech is heavily investing in Advanced future technologies and one such interesting area is Robotics especially the mobile robotic platforms. The research and development of mobile autonomous robots has substantially expanded within the last decade and continues to increase due to the rapid advancement in theory and electronic technology.

Mobile robotic platforms have the capability to navigate an environment without being fixed to one physical location. They rely on guidance devices that allow them to travel to a pre-defined route in a relatively controlled space. Mobile robots have become very common in commercial, industrial, and military settings. There are many robotic platforms ranging from custom-designed hardware to fully integrated consumer products such as domestic robots, or service bots, that can perform household tasks in an efficient amount of time.

VTara Tech is working on creating a unique mobile robotic platform that includes multiple sensors depending on the application such as miniature radars, satellite positioning sensors, soil sensors, etc. Our goal is to create a robust platform that will have a range of applications in multiple areas such as Energy, Agriculture, Smart Cities etc, with the ability to scale exponentially and be cost effective.