Digital Transformation

VTara Tech is adopting the “Digital First” approach with the rapid evolution in mobile, cloud, social media and big data changing the way we all interact.


Based on VTara Energy’s extensive experience in the Renewable Energy space, VTara Tech is revolutionizing the way our traditional electricity grids interact with each other through our Smart Grid technology.

We also envision that our cities have the potential to become Smart Responsive cities by integrating technology seamlessly into everyday lives of the consumers. From Power and Energy to Lighting, Smart Buildings and Water,  our Smart City program aided by the latest cutting edge Internet of Things (IOT) tools, is changing the way cities manage services, systems and infrastructure, all controlled by a centralized Command Center.

With the “Digital First” approach, VTara Tech is also a “Mobile First” company. With design as our core element, our mobile apps are User Intuitive and easy to use for the end user yet capturing sufficient data to analyze and make sense of the data.

Command Centers


Smart Cities

Smart Grids

Mobile Apps