Smart Start-Up

All organisations face competition. Business and Teams compete with other business and teams. An organisation and team can achieve success only by having a competitive advantage. The ideal situation is one in which an organisation or team has important competitive advantages that are sustainable. However, the reality  is that most organisations or teams are not managed well or deploy resources effectively, nor do they engage in activities that develops  individual or team potential potential that can lead to individuals and teams to be committed to the success of the organisation.

Our review of extensive academic literature, field notes and numerous research reports shows that to effectively “Organise” and “Manage”  is a competitive advantage.

VTara Tech has developed a Business application that is driven by a high performance database to measure all aspects of an organization’s/ teams activities in a truly integrated and standardized platform. The  objective is to provide a cost effective evidence based analytical driven technology platform aimed at start ups, sport teams and project teams.

This app in the form of a survey provides Business Intelligence categorized into 6 Key Factors that are critical to any team or organization. It shows the users the gaps that exist in their team or an organization and provide them with the tools and techniques to address those perceived gaps. Essentially, we assist you and your members to feel more responsible for and involved in the success of the organization or team.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to present your organisation or team profile on our crowd funding platform. Suitable investors, government sponsored funds, venture capitalists, banks and private equity groups would be interested in seeing you, your team or your organisation are utilising this platform to sustain your competitive advantage.

6 Core Factors:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Integrating Expertise & Capabilities
  • Sustainable Competitiveness


  • Enculturation
  • Socialisation
  • Influencing Linkages